Welcome to the Traverse Area Musicians Relief Fund!

Our mission is to provide a safety net to Traverse Area working musicians when an unforeseen medical emergency or disaster occurs.

Why do we feel a need to start such an organization?

Musicians tend to be self-employed, and may not be able to afford full health insurance coverage. When a medical or other kind of emergency arises, a musician may not only be faced with high medical bills, but also loss of income to pay other bills, which could cause their family to face bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc.

The Traverse Area Musicians Relief Fund serves as an additional “Insurance policy” to local musicians who are providing their hard earned talent to make life better for the general public.

Is the Relief Fund a non-profit organization?

No, the TAMRF is a for profit organization. They are for the profit of local musicians who need immediate help with a financial crisis when faced with medical bills and loss of income due to an unforseen emergency.

How can I help?

You can make a donation with a check made out to the “Traverse Area Musicians Relief Fund”.


Are There Products Available?

A CD featuring performances from the “Grooving for the Groovemaster”, a Tribute to Charlie Tomlin is in the final stages of being mixed and mastered, and will become available in Mid November, 2014. This recording features performance by Jeff Haas and Friends, The On Quartet, The Lookout Cats, Robin Lee Berry and Glenn Wolff, Joshua James, the Agua Gatos, and Matt Hathaway.


Contact Information:

Traverse Area Relief Fund: CO Charlie Lakritz
4696 Harr Drive
Traverse City MI 49684

Lookout Music Productions
CO David Chown
3797 Pleasant Ridge Drive
Williamsburg, MI 49690

231-632-7000 (Charlie Lakritz)
231-938-2347 (David Chown)

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tcmusiciansrelieffund?ref=bookmarks